2019 Update - Maryse S. Marius

Page One: Starting 2019

Greetings to you all!

I’ve decided to restructure my website a bit, so feel free to have a look around and let me know what you think. Right now, you are reading from my “Writings” section, where I’ll be sharing my updates and my thoughts on various topics, where I invite you to comment and even challenge what I say. Let’s keep it fun.

Right now, I’m writing from Paris, France. I’m here for a few more days. I wish that I could cross out this last line. It’s been going pretty well, I’d say.

Photo: Maryse S. Marius

Photo: Maryse S. Marius

Currently, photography and school probably take up the most of my time, sometimes evenly, sometimes not, so I will speak about these first.

Photo 08-01-2019 16 25 13.jpg


Over the past year, my photography business has grown. I can now manage what kind of work that I do / accept and my workflow. I have partnered with a few persons and businesses over the past year, and built a bigger clientele, resulting in countless networking and photographing opportunities. I have been fortunate enough to work with a bunch of visitors to the island (Saint Lucia), creating memories for couples and families. Visit my “Photography” section for more information and my galleries. You can also see some of my work on Instagram here.


I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science programme at UWI Open Campus. I completed one year of the BSc Economics program, but later switched to BSc Management Studies (International Management). I am beginning my 2nd year, out of 3, this month. My entire program is online based, so this allows me to be much more flexible than I was at other academic instituions. I am also taking french language classes with a coach online. This is my second language. I’m looking to study in France soon, hopefully.


Many persons still know / always knew me as the girl who plays the guitar. For those who may not know, music has been a large part of my life, and even had been an active part of my life for some years, before photography came into the picture. Pun intended. I do hope to get back into the grove of things. Pun intended again. I will update you more as we move along.

I have many plans for personal and career development for the year, but of course, as with anything, one step at a time (which I’m not too good at). Feel free to share some of your 2019 goals below, or ask any questions.