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FEATURE: Refining Your Craft With PDCA by Omar Combie

FEATURE: Refining Your Craft With PDCA by Omar Combie

We can all agree that whatever work we produce, we want to do it to the best of our ability. So in this article, Omar Combie is going to share a tool that will help you do just that; the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle or the Continuous Improvement Cycle.

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Why You Should Hire A Specialized Photographer vs A Do-It-All Photographer

Why You Should Hire A Specialized Photographer vs A Do-It-All Photographer

A photographer with a focus on one or very few genres, will be much more well versed in their area(s) as opposed to a photographer who photographs any and everything.

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FEATURE: Working With A Wedding Videographer On A Narrative Short Film by Imran St. Brice

FEATURE: Working With A Wedding Videographer On A Narrative Short Film by Imran St. Brice

Shattered is the title of my second short film which was shot and released in 2018, less than a year after my first short- Secure (2017). On both of those films I’ve functioned as writer, director and producer, among several other things, which is typical of the majority of no-budget films. Despite having several roles in the production, I’ve always felt it necessary to have someone more capable than myself operating the camera and directing the photography of the film.

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Do NOT Go Anywhere Without This!! (+FREE TIPS)


Simple Photographer Business Card

To the left, is my first business card.

I designed them and got these printed when I was putting together a big presentation for a specific company. I thought that hey, if this goes through, I will need some to give out. I don’t want to scribble my details on a piece of paper (that I probably won’t have been able to find).

So said, so done.

The job came through. It was photography for an event. Approximately 80% of persons who I spoke to that evening asked for one. And yes, some of them did contact me following the event. I too, had asked for business cards from them, and they gave me theirs.

Since then, I had realized that this investment was well worth it, and will continue to be. I have never allowed myself to run out of them. I have quite a few left from my most recent set.


  1. Design them and print them out. I personally design them myself and print them using VistaPrint.

    Keep the text legible, and big enough. I once printed a batch where the text was too small. :(

  2. Always keep some on you along with everyday carry. My safe number is 5.

  3. When you go to an event, especially if you’re taking part, hold at least 20.

  4. Hold some in the vehicle as well. Just in case you run out, or if you’re in the vehicle, it may be easier to get them there than deep inside your bag.

  5. I have gotten both matte cards and glossy cards made, and I prefer the matte. The receiver could write on the back (if it’s blank) or the card itself. The feel of the matte is more real, imo.

BONUS TIP: Have a digital copy of your business card.

I once included my digital card in a slideshow of a presentation that I did on Arts & Business. Cool, right? :)

Feel free to share your thoughts, or to give additional advice to persons who are interested in this topic.

Small Business Marketing On A Budget

Small Business Marketing On A Budget

In this article, I'm going to discuss some ideas on how you can get yourself out there, as an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

Sometimes, when starting out, especially if it's your first time, you may not have any or many resources for marketing your new venture. Worry not. I'm going to share some methods that I have used or came across.

Stay tuned for more.

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Where Can I Use My Headshot?

Headshots: The Possibilities Are Endless.

Let's say you have decided to make the investment in getting a professional headshot taken. You figured that it could be good for work. True, but is that all?


There are many other places that you can use your headshot.

Such as:
-Website / Blog (About Me / Biography page)
-Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.)
-Business Cards
-Resume / CV
-Marketing Material (clothing, flyers, banners, signs etc.)
-Dating Websites
-Book Covers

Dr. Dabor Resiere

Dr. Dabor Resiere

Using a professional, high quality headshot shows that you are prepared and that you take your job/activity seriously.

Is there anywhere else that you can think of where you can use your headshot?