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How To Succeed At Many Goals At Once Without Trying

Are you tired and feel demotivated when you look at your list of goals and feel too overwhelmed to even begin to tackle them, even though you REEEALLLLYY want to ? In this blog, I’m going to share a way that we can potentially succeed at many goals without trying to accomplish all of them at the same time. This will work once we execute this correctly.

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Motivation and School - Do they fit in the same sentence?

I’m not the biggest fan of school. Okay, let’s be honest.. I’m not a fan of school at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love to learn, but not at school. Lots of students find it very difficult to stay motivated. It’s like asking a pig to fly.

But in this blog, I’m gonna share how I’m gonna stay motivated this semester! Read to find out how:

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Increase Efficiency With This Trick

On our continued search for ways to increase productivity in our everyday lives, we read so many articles telling us so many things, sometimes the same things, and we are lost as to what to do with all of this information. We need to decide when and where we should apply it.

There is a place and time for everything, and today, we discuss …

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How I Allocate My Time - To Learn / Study, Work & Relax

Everyone thinks of time differently, and subsequently, manages their time differently. Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds- just to name the most common. Different options work well for different people for different reasons. For me, I chose hours. I take a slightly different approach than the 24 hours in 1 day thing.

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How To Battle Procrastination With Productivity

We all procrastinate- we tend to put tasks off in order to accomplish ones that either demand less energy / time and/or seem to be more attractive / fulfilling to us at that point in time... or to do nothing at all. However, I will share a technique that we can use to rearrange our thoughts and actions which will help us be more productive whilst battling procrastination.

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6 Tips To Unblock Your Creativity!

As an artist, it is probably inevitable that you will arrive at a certain point where you struggle with your creativity / creative projects. We all get there. We search for ways to get creatively inspired and motivated again, and when this fails, we become frustrated and sometimes, we give up. It’s time to battle the block!

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5 Habits To Break In Order To Become More Successful

As human beings, we always want the best for ourselves and we want to be the best. Successful people have mastered the art / crafted their art of accomplishing a predetermined goal. They know the goal, and also the hows, whens, whys, with who etc. Learn their secrets in this blog!

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I’m Sharing My Secret: How To Be More Productive By Working Less

Everyone wants to learn how to be more productive at work, and increasingly more, in their everyday lives. Over the years, with deep analysis, I have been able to pinpoint how and why I became more and more productive over time. I’m going to share these tips with you today.

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How To Make Personal / Career Development Decisions (Step By Step)

For my first post on my new blog, I think it’s very fitting to write about decision making, and in particular, I will use the situation of managing your decisions when you are interested in many areas / projects. Personally, I LOVE to be busy and to keep my mind working, I feel…

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