5 Habits To Break In Order To Become More Successful

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Today, let’s ponder on the topic of success / successful people.

As human beings, we always want the best for ourselves. Successful people have mastered the art / crafted their art of accomplishing a predetermined goal. They know the goal, and also the hows, whens, whys, with who etc.

I’m sharing some thoughts on habits that you should lose if you want to be successful.


Hey! Stop These Now.

Waiting For The Perfect Time

From time to time, we may have this extraordinary idea that we’d like to execute. It may be personal or career related. We know exactly how we would like things to play out when we do make the move, we know the who, the what, the where and the why.

People often play around with the when.

One sometimes thinks that when the time comes or when the time is right, they will know. In some cases, this may seem to work itself out, however, for the majority of the times, it is on you to make that decision to start, or to do.


With putting off this start date, we perhaps tend to fall into procrastination. We keep putting things off and leaving them for later. The thing is, when we do so, more often than not, the outcome is not better than it would’ve been if we had done them on time / as previously scheduled.

With that said, when you think back, was it even worth extending your deadline?


Doubting Yourself

Perhaps this is an easy one to do, but very detrimental to personal progress and personal success. People often tend to think that we are not / our work is not good enough and that we won’t become (as) successful (as others). Without even trying, we make this assumption- but perhaps it’s more fitting to say: we make this decision.

In some cases, NO ONE has said to us that we are not good enough. We tell ourselves that and it’s very easy to believe.

If you assume that you’re not good enough, you won’t try and do, thus, you won’t become successful this way. You have already put the idea of failure in your mind and it’s much more difficult to remove / change it, than it was to put it there.

Comparing Yourself To Others

When we are in doubt, we start to compare themselves to other people who we aspire to be (like), or vice versa- when we compare themselves to others, we start to doubt ourselves.

Comparison will stall your progress and will steal your joy. You will become so consumed (energy AND time) with idolizing others that you don’t develop yourself in any way and your joy begins to seep away.

Failing To Plan Your Plan

Oh boy!

When some persons decide to embark on a project, most times, they probably just dive right in- swoosh! BUT- What if they don’t know how to swim?

It is crucial, BEFORE commencing any project whatsoever, familiar or new, to start with a plan- in order to increase your chances of it being successful. There’s no way that you can go wrong with having a plan.

I’m not saying that you have to follow the rules to the t and the dots of t i’s, but you must know how to write it out.

Make a plan.

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