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Let’s Hack Productivity - Multitasking


On our continued search for ways to increase productivity in our everyday lives, we read so many articles telling us so many things, sometimes the same things, and we are lost as to what to do with all of this information. We need to decide when and where we should apply it.

There is a place and time for everything, and today, we discuss when and where multitasking increases our efficiency.

Multitasking is EXCELLENT for tasks that require minimal attention and also for tasks which motivate you to do other tasks. Allow me to explain.

  1. Minimal / Low Maintenance Tasks

    It is okay, and perhaps IDEAL, to multitask when you are doing these types of tasks. For example, while walking your dog or cleaning, you can listen to a podcast, audio-book or music. You can also practice your guitar scales while watching TV. That’s what I did.

  2. Tasks Which Motivate You To Do Another

    It is also motivating to do a task when you’re already doing another one that is motivating you to do it. For example, if you’re more motivated / inclined to exercise while watching your favorite TV show, listening to music, a podcast or an audio-book, do it! It’s a win-win, and who doesn’t love a win-win ?

It’s time to identify all of our low-maintenance tasks and pair them up for multitasking!

Do you multitask? If so, when ?

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