How I Allocate My Time - To Learn / Study, Work & Relax

Here’s My New Way of Thinking About Time

I’m gonna get straight to the point.

Everyone thinks of time differently, and subsequently, manages their time differently. Years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds- just to name the most common. Different options work well for different people for different reasons. For me, I chose hours. I take a slightly different approach than the 24 hours in 1 day thing.

The way that I choose to allocate my tasks is simple - I use hourly “slots”, without pre-determining which hour. For few tasks, I use 30 minute “slots”, but with most tasks (usually with a bigger end goal), I take at least an hour.

For example, in one day, I may choose to study French for 2 hours, write (for this blog) for 1 hour and practice guitar for 30 minutes.

This gives me the flexibility to choose the times at which I start and stop, which is very accommodating and forgiving when your schedule isn’t fixed and when things tend to pop up, as part of your process. It also allows me to be more motivated as I have my “tasks to do” and know that I can accomplish them at whatever time, but before I end my day. As a result of this motivation, I am more productive throughout the day.

I’m not saying that I never decide on a time to get things done, but most times, I don’t. On some days when I have scheduled engagements, I tend to plan my tasks around these times once its appropriate. Once I’m on the go, I go.

How do you think about and manage / allocate your time?

Thanks for reading.

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