How To Make Personal / Career Development Decisions (Step By Step)

Hello you busy human!

For my first post on my new blog, I think it’s very fitting to write about decision making, and in particular, I will use the situation of managing your decisions when you are interested in many areas / projects. Personally, I LOVE to be busy and to keep my mind working, I feel good. I often jump at the thought of the chance to be apart of a great idea! However, I have realized that no matter how great it is, it may not be great for me.

Below, I share my step by step process on how I decide to take on / drop a project.


Firstly: Identify All Projects- Current and Potential

When I decided that I wanted to be more productive (and perhaps, busier with different projects), and still maintain my current ones, I knew that I had to find a way to fit them into my schedule / routine without hassle and without sacrificing energy from the other projects.

In order to do so, I had to identify all things that I was currently working on, and all things that I’d like to work on and put them in a list.

Secondly, Edit That List

In making this decision, I had to be EXTREMELY realistic, and I had to answer some questions, some of the core ones being:

  1. Why do I want to pursue another (future) project ?

  2. Do I really have the time / energy to dedicate to another (future) project?

  3. Is this a project that can / will potentially replace an existing project?

  4. Are all of my existing projects still aligned with my future goals- short term and long term?

  5. Have I arrived at a stage where I should drop / cut back on / replace an existing project?

Lastly, Create My New List

At this stage, I will now have a new list which I then arrange into prioritized order- the projects which take up most of my time AND are more important to me, personally.

And I’m done.

Like everything in life, you should be honest with yourself and create a realistic rating.

Thanks for reading.

See you on Monday!