Small Business Marketing On A Budget

Get Yourself Out There, Literally!


In this article, I'm going to discuss some ideas on how you can get yourself out there, as an entrepreneur or a small business owner.

Sometimes, when starting out, especially if it's your first time, you may not have any or many resources for marketing your new venture. Worry not. I'm going to share some methods that I have used or came across.

Stay tuned for more.

1. Word of Mouth. (FREE)

This is the old traditional way, but my most effective method. At my periodic reviews, I almost always assess that word of mouth / referrals bring in the majority of my business. To date, my last inquiry was a referral, which is now booked.

This just leads to the point of always presenting great work. It represents you. No matter how sour the situation, know that whatever you give the client, represents you and your brand. This could get you more clients.


2. Write A Blog.  (FREE OR PAID)

I love to write, though I don’t post blogs as often as I should. Starting a blog may be a great idea for you! You will have another medium to connect with your audience / clients. (Just imagine if your dream clients don’t use Facebook or Instagram).

You can start a blog for free, or use a paid service (more professional) where you could have your own domain name ( . I use Squarespace for my website and blog (this one right here).

My website supports my photography work, and my writing (via this blog).

Extra: Blogs are also said to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


3. Share Your Work On Social Media (FREE OR PAID)

Social media is a great tool for entrepreneurs. It connects you with the world. You can have your family, friends and potential clients on there. You don’t have to use all the popular ones, but at least two main ones should be fine. I mostly use Facebook and Instagram. You can instantly update anyone on your new products and/or services that you have to offer. Don’t be afraid to share. All of this is free.

However, you could also start some paid ad campaigns using Facebook and Instagram. I’m not too sure for other social media. You can easily design and run your own ad for as little as $1 USD per day. I have.


4. The Power Of Photo & Video (FREE OR PAID)

Its no secret that photo and video are leading the way when it comes to digital (and even print) marketing. Try adding in some pictures or video clips when you’re preparing your next blog, writing your next status, or typing your next article for the newspaper or magazine column.

Digital media catches one's attention when scrolling through an endless feed of text.

You ideally want them to stop scrolling and engage with your content. (Like, comment, share)


5. Partner With Another Business (FREE / TRADE)

Teamwork makes the- .. Okay, I just believe in having a partner. They could be in the same, or a different industry.  Who do you partner with?
Think of your product / service, and think of your ideal client. Where else would they be spending their money? That’s your answer.

For example:
For wedding photographers, their ideal clients may be having their wedding at a resort in their general area. Are the bells ringing?

The hotel may recommend you to their wedding guests or hire you as their wedding photographer, and you could perhaps supply this hotel with photos for marketing themselves and their weddings. Ding dong.

Persons may say that these steps are easier said than done, but they can be done easily once you put your mind to it. Plus, I never said this is easy. They are workable. :)

As always, thank you very much for reading!