Who is Maryse S. Marius, the photographer ?

A Little Bit More About Me

I am an 18 year old artist at heart. I started out in music, then got into photography and writing. My passion in life lies heavily within the arts. I am currently a BSc Economics student, a subject which I enjoy. I also speak some French, but I still have loads to learn.

I use my camera to capture beautiful moments and storytelling images. At its core, my photography is very photojournalistic. I love to just sit back and Capture The Essence of a person, couple, family or an event. The greatest reward is the positive feedback from my clients, family and friends, and the reflection on photos a few months and years later.

My art and business has always had a strong support system, especially from my family- immediate and extended, and I couldn’t be more thankful. They are the reason that I am a young entrepreneur today.

I love a great story. I guess music, photography and writing are quite the perfect fit.
Songs, photos, stories, poems, short films, movies, music videos, video games, you name it.

I have a deep appreciation for art in all its forms- which is everything basically, you just have to find it.
Some examples:

Photo 15-02-2018, 11 49 10.jpg

I admire persons who are passionate about what they do- that's what life is about. If you are one of those people, keep at it, my friend!

I also have an interest in repairing equipment / machinery when faulty, but I'm no pro. Not yet, at least, but I always try!

To end, I love great food. It literally keeps me happy. :)

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Thanks for reading!

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