Why You Should Hire A Specialized Photographer vs A Do-It-All Photographer

Specialized or General?

Maryse S. Marius Photography - Saint Lucia, St Lucia

A photographer with a focus on one or very few genres, will be much more well versed in their area(s) as opposed to a photographer who photographs any and everything.

They would have spent more time learning, practicing and crafting their art in these genres, giving them the advantage over photographers who learn and practice a little bit of everything.

This concept is similar to asking a commis chef to prepare you some nice pot roast beef. Yeah, they may be able to cook the beef, but not roast it with the carrots, rosemary, garlic etc. It won’t be as expected as from the greats (experienced with the recipe).

However, hiring a pro will be more costly than a generalist, but that’s completely okay. It makes sense.

On the other hand, hiring a pro is less stressful. He / She would have experience with working with similar clients to you. They know the process. The consultation before the shoot, the process of shooting and conversing afterward. All of this will be easier.

Their skill level for this specific genre would’ve been enhanced over the years.

With all this said, I’m not saying that a generalist may not match up. If they do, it’s not that often that it’ll happen. And in the end, things may be 100% alright, and I’m happy for you if this happens.

But still, if you care about your business and getting quality and professional work, go with a photographer that is specialized in the specific genre of which you’re searching.

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