Guide: Planning A Photo Shoot

Are you planning a photo shoot?
Here are a few tips!


Who Will Take The Photos?

Who's the photographer?

I suggest that you hire a professional photographer. Preferably a family photographer, or portrait photographer... Even a documentary photographer could work!

Know the market and value of photography in your area. This will give you an idea of what you're investing in.

Choose a photographer whose work you love! It's definitely a bonus if they're not a stranger to you. The photo shoot will be much more enjoyable once you know them before the day of the shoot. Perhaps you can meet for a drink beforehand.

Discuss with him / her what kind of shoot you're going for, and what kind of look. Explain when and how the photos will be used. The more information you give BEFORE the shoot, the more quality you will get DURING AND AFTER the shoot.


Where Will The Shoot Be?

What's the location?

The location for a photo shoot depends on several factors, including:

-reason for the shoot
Why are we taking the photos? -- is it for work, personal reasons, an article etc.

-taste of the photographer / client
If they prefer the studio look, or outdoor/indoor look (on location) etc.

Studio shoots are typically a bit more expensive than shooting outdoors)

This COULD be a factor, though, the photographer and client could just reschedule.
Clients, please ask your photographers about their rescheduling policy, ESPECIALLY if you gave or have to give a deposit / booking fee / retainer fee!!!


What Are You Wearing?

Who's the stylist?

Many people overlook the importance of this aspect of a photo shoot when planning. You could hire a stylist for the occasion, or if a family member has a great eye for fashion, that's your guy / girl!

It's a very safe plan to have a few wardrobe options, at least 2. You never know what may happen.

Additionally, will there be 'hair and make-up' ? Some women, and men, may feel confident enough to handle this themselves and this could work, but to be on the safe side, consult with the photographer / stylist and decide if you really should get a professional make up / hair artist to join in.

Most times, photographers may either include this in their packages or have them as add-ons (at an additional charge) or may be able to recommend someone who they think is fit for the job.

Don't Forget:

-To allocate time for set up and preparation.
This includes the wardrobe, hair and make up etc. At this time, the photographer should arrive early, before the shoot time, to set up his/her equipment.

-The props.

-The time.

-The agreement / contract.


As always, thanks for reading!
Happy 2018.