Business: Is A Website REALLY Necessary?

Is An Online Presence Important?

YES. A million times yes.

Are you thinking of getting your own website? If yes, this blog is for YOU!

As an artist, entrepreneur or business, it's very advantageous to have a website. There is no excuse not to, as creating your own website is increasingly becoming more affordable and more easy to build.

I personally use Squarespace. This is my choice because some of my favorite photographers use it for their portfolios as well, and I started with a free trial AND a percentage off my first payment.

There are countless other platforms from which you can choose to build your own.

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Here's why I think, if you want to take it up a notch with your business, that you should have a website.

  1. It speaks professionalism. It let's your clients / potential clients know that you are serious, as you've taken a step to enhance your brand, and grow your business, by having a website for them to use. They know that you invested that extra dollar on yourself, than just using Facebook. Your business will gain credibility.
  2. It acts as a super huge business card on your normal business card.
    When persons go to your website, everything is on it. Your work, biography, contact info, maybe a blog (which I highly recommend), maybe more. It's that go to place for all questions about you / your brand / business. Easy does it.

Sure, some persons may be very comfortable with having just their social media, where they reach their clientele. It may or may not work well for you.

NOTE: Deciding on whether to build a website or stick with social media, could be a headache.
Keep in mind that not everyone uses social media. Platforms such as Facebook do not lend themselves to being such a great place (anymore) for businesses, using Pages. They want you to pay for their ads. I suggest you invest these monies into a website instead.

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Thanks for reading!