Business: Branding Starter Guide

An Introduction to Personal / Company Introductions

What is a brand?

An identity, is a safe way to put it.

Some people call it what you want others to think of you, some persons say it's what people think of you when you're not around and others say it's an impression of you in the minds of others.

A mixture of these is a good one. 

What makes a brand?

What are you known for?
This comes in many forms: your mission, your logo, your colors.

When you hear the word "brand", who / what comes to mind?

Personal branding is often centered around the individual's mission, or goal.
For example, he or she always______ or, he or she wants to_________, he or she is____.
Whether it be, change the world, eradicate poverty, building companies- that's your brand.
Think of Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama.

Business branding is similar.
Did you think of Apple? Digicel? Nike? Audi?
Don't you think of a white / silver apple, red and white letters and background, the iconic swoosh, or the 4 white / silver interlocked rings?

This is part of their personal brand.

Another aspect of personal branding, for example:
Think different.
The bigger, better network.
Just do it.
Advancement through technology.

So far, we have identified mission/goals, color, symbols and tag lines for huge corporations in the world.

There are many other aspects. Give Google a visit.

How can I establish my brand?

Simple. Get social and visual.
So many people spend so much time on their phones these days, that, it's a GREAT place to start!

I believe in having your own website, but social media is definitely another strong option!

  • Instagram, among the leading social apps today, is a great choice. It's visual (photos, videos, and now stories) and social.

First off, it's absolutely free to sign up and use.
Second off, it's a great platform to reach millions of people.
Third off, over the last few years, many persons have 'given up' on Facebook and moved over to Instagram.
Fourth off, it's even GREAT for business as well, now with Instagram Business Accounts, which is linked to your Facebook Page. Win, win.

Question: Are you or your business on Instagram already? Leave your username in the comments below and check out everyone else's!

  • Another strong option, is YouTube. So many people have launched careers from sharing their knowledge on YouTube, and now, vlogging is taking over. I haven't reached there yet, but maybe I will. Should I?

YouTube allows watchers to visually connect with people. This is huge.
If you're learning something, it'll be great to see who you're learning from, right?
Sure, a picture could work well, but you form a bit more of a relationship with the vlogger, for example, with video.
Sometimes, you get soooo excited when they post something new for you to watch!

Question: Who do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Share in the comments below!!

Tip: Be consistent with your brand. If Digicel kept changing colors every month, we'd be thinking that they must be really confused, huh?

  • Another way to get visual is with a logo, sign, business cards, advertising material etc.
  • Another way to get social is by networking.
    Not only social networking, but in person.
    Tell people about your venture. Go out to events, engage in a conversation, share your business card.
    If you think about it, are there people who you know, that don't know you're a photographer, or you sell bracelets, or you do make up, or you plan events? I know right, what a mess. Fix this.

I have a brand. Now what?

Stand behind it with confidence and share it with the world.

Maryse S Marius - Business Card Sample with Logo - Blue, Grey - M, P, W.jpg

As always, thanks for reading!

I'm looking forward to participation and discussion in the comments below!

Until the next blog,