Business: Getting Your Headshot Taken

On The Other Side Of The Lens

Last week, I got my headshot taken. 

Photo by:  Rio Mayne Visuals

It's a good thing that I'm usually the photographer. Smiling for a photo can be tiring.

But nonetheless, it is VERY important to make sure that you, as a model / client, are comfortable.
I believe that it's crucial for entrepreneurs / business owners to understand how their clients / customers feel.

The experience is everything.

With photography, it will show in the pictures.

I believe that a good photographer will contribute greatly to you feeling comfortable. They will know how to make you feel relaxed, ready and confident before, during and after the session. They will make you look your best.

But I also believe that you, as a model / client, should prepare as well.
This may include doing some research a few days before on tips for a photo shoot, or how to look your best in photos, et cetera. You will have an idea of what to expect and what could happen during the shoot.

Once you have prepared and you are feeling comfortable & looking confident, everything else is peanuts. Or cashews. Whichever you prefer. :) (Comment below)