Business: Professional Photography For Your Business

Dr. Dabor RESIERE (August, 2017)

Dr. Dabor RESIERE (August, 2017)

Why Should You Hire A Professional Photographer ?

Let's face it. A selfie isn't good enough for business, no matter how great your front camera is.

Having a professional headshot or portrait taken of you is not only top notch, but it speaks professionalism. It adds that personal touch, whether you're into investment banking or cooking.

As a business person / professional, who lives in the modern world, it is so important to have a visual presence (I'm not even going as far as saying online presence). Your customers / clientele must be able to place a face to the name, e.g. in your brochures or flyers, website or social media.

You won't just be paying for the expensive great quality gear, but for the knowledge and application of important principles of photography, as well as the experience of photographing great images in their chosen field. They will know how to make you stand out!

The Job of The Photographer

The photographer's job is usually to capture you / the staff / the business / the products, at their best, for multiple reasons. Whether it be:

  • For identity and networking
  • To boost product sales
  • For marketing and promotion

Professional photographers should have invested their time and monies into their work, and thus, should be worth it once you find someone who works for you!

A professional photographer would have mastered their area of expertise, in order to enhance your business with the images.

Example: Real estate photographers will know how to take the photos that will help that house sell.


Yannick MERIL (August, 2017)

Yannick MERIL (August, 2017)

Frédéric LAVAUD (July, 2017)

Frédéric LAVAUD (July, 2017)

Tips For Getting Your Money's Worth With A Photographer

COMMUNICATE your expectations from the shoot before hand.
Tell the photographer the type of portrait (serious, light, playful) you're going for, or the type of mood (cozy, traditional) from the real estate photos.

This will help them prepare, to deliver the best possible product to you.

Do You Agree or Disagree?

Let me know in the comment section if you agree with me or disagree with me.
Share your experience (good or bad) working with a professional photographer for your business!