BONUS BLOG : Performing Again

Jazz at Jambe De Bois

Good morning/afternoon/evening ! Welcome to my first Bonus Blog, which will not necessarily focus on photography, but maybe music, writing, or something else.

For those of you who know me : family, friends, fans, you most likely know that I am a musician. I sing and play the guitar. I sometimes play other instruments, but to find out more, read my bio here.

Photo by : Yannick James Photography

Photo by : Yannick James Photography

Last night (Sunday), I joined a legendary band, Annexus, and my cousin, Harvey Millar at Jambe De Bois at Pigeon Island here in St Lucia, to play a few jazz standards at the ending of their set : Mercy, Mercy Mercy and Chameleon.

There is a one minute clip on my Instagram (@marysesam) of last night, which you can view here. Please feel free to leave a comment and I will definitely get back to you !


After the set, with Harvey !  Photo by Merth Weekes.

After the set, with Harvey !

Photo by Merth Weekes.

Once again, thanks for keeping up with me through my blogs ! If you missed my last one on Photographing Your Pets, click here !

Don't forget to go see Annexus live on Sundays at 7pm ! We may meet there.

Have a great day !