The Secret Ingredients To Taking Your Best Photos

How I Take My Best Photos

Greetings to all !

Every photographer's formula will be different for taking pictures. These are some of the steps that have TREMENDOUSLY improved my photography and could help with yours too!

My best photos required me to get out of my comfort zone. A friend once shared a quote with me: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Getting out of my comfort zone is a crucial part to taking great photographs.


Pigeon Island National Landmark, St Lucia.

Pigeon Island National Landmark, St Lucia.

For example : This photo was snapped while I was standing on the edge of the door frame of a car.

Getting out of my comfort zone may mean that I have to kneel down, stretch over something or someone or even lie down on the ground to take a picture. I do recommend having a camera with a swivel screen. It makes the job much easier!

Getting out of my comfort zone may also mean that I have to speak with strangers, or ask for their permission to take photos of them etc.

My best photos were often selected from a batch of very similar photos. In other words, take many versions of the photo you wish to capture. People say less is more, but in this case, more is more.

All of my photos are shot in Manual Mode and in RAW on my DSLR. This allows for 'complete' control of the elements in my photo: in camera and in post-production. (SECRET : I have never used Auto on my camera!)

In addition to these few tips, my first blog post also shares some great tips that could apply to taking great photos with a DSLR as well !

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a great day !