How do I take better photos of people ?

Maryse's secret on photographing people !

When I started photography, I HATED taking photos of people, but now I love it. There's so much to be learned from photographing live subjects : basic rules in photography (rule of thirds) and getting immediate feedback; their opinion on the photos, what they like and what they don't like would also be a tremendous help for all photographers at every level. Some/most persons that you will be photographing are most likely not professional models, but if that's the case (that you do shoot pro models), thanks for reading the blog anyway ! :D



Communicate with your subject : This is really important if you're meeting the person for the first or second time. Speaking with them will help "break the ice". Could you imagine (literally turn the tables : you are the model) how awkward the shoot will be if the photographer does not communicate with the model ? Or says very little ? The model will be uncomfortable and unrelaxed, and this will show in the photos. We do not want that.
Also, this will ensure maximum satisfaction for both parties in the end, as the model should have said what they like and do not like.


I often find myself and my client/friend happier with the photos taken AFTER reviewing the first few. This has definitely helped with my photography.


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Model : Derrelle Du Bois Taken with : Canon 60D and EF 100mm f/2.

Model : Derrelle Du Bois
Taken with : Canon 60D and EF 100mm f/2.