Hey there !

I have been away from blogging for about 2 months. Reasons being :

  1. I had a photography special going on for a little over one month.
  2. I just entered a new school, so preparing and settling took a bit of my time, as well.

But like the title of this says, I'm back in the groove and I apologize to those who have been awaiting my next blog because it took so long.

But let's get into things !


What's New ?

  1. I have updated this site : added new photos and updated the blog.
  2. I have a separate Instagram page running for my photography. @marysesmariusphotos
  3. I have been working on improving my portraits.


What's Next ?

  1. More portraiture.
  2. More blogging.


Quick Tip For The Weekend

For Photographers :

Share your work with your friends and get some honest critique.

For Non-Photographers :

Enjoy your weekend and photograph the experiences because Monday will be here soon.


If you read till the end, comment #BackInTheGroove

Till next time and thanks for reading,